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Sweden – Examples of Past Acquisitions

GrafitenThe Grafiten Portfolio
: We concluded the acquisition of Grafiten Industrial Park in October 2016 for 82 MSEK. This park consists of approx 8 hectares, with 18,000 m2 of existing buildings. In addition, there are building rights for another 20,000 m2 approximately.

Some property details and maps are included……more


Torslanda buttonHelvick Swedish Property AB purchased an industrial property in Torslanda on the outskirts of Goteborg in Spring 2013 for circa 61 MSEK (circa 7 M euro) including costs. The total plot area is 18,155 sq.mt, while the total building area is 13,994 sq.mt, divided into office space (2,357 sq.mt) and production/storage (11,637 sq.mt). There are parking spaces both at the front and the back of the building.

The property is in good condition and …more


The Penseen Portfolio consists of 16 apartments and some retail on a total of 2,900 square meters in Vanersborg, Western Sweden. This portfolio was added to by a further retail and office building of 3,650 square meters on the square in Vanersborg. The two acquisitions totalled 36.5 MSEK (circa 4.2 M euro) and were made in 2007 …more



Uddevalla Herrestad 26:6 is a 5,000 sq.mt. factory building with 4,400 sq.m. on a long term 13 year lease to the Swedish Health Authority to manufacture and maintain wheelchairs and other mobility devices. The property also includes an addition plot of land which is …more