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Why Sweden?

  • Growth based fiscal and monetary policies – Since the mid 1990’s, Swedish fiscal and monetary policies have succeeded in maintaining a macroeconomic environment conducive to solid and sustainable growth.
  • Safe and reliable – Sweden is, first and foremost, seen as a ‘safe and reliable’ property market. In this capacity, it very much does exactly what it is expected to – provide safe returns and sustainable growth.
  • Positive GDP growth – It is one of the few EU countries to have maintained positive GDP growth throughout the economic downturn.
  • Strong, solvent banking system – The Swedish banking system was resilient to the economic downturn. This in turn facilitates the ability to finance at reasonable rates.
  • Professional contacts – Assetbase have built up a strong network of local professional contacts, including finance, legal, agency, management, tax, audit and accounts, etc.
  • Experience – Assetbase have 15 years experience in Sweden. They invest predominantly in the south-west region. This area includes cities such as Gothenburg, Trollhattan, Uddevalla and as far north as Karlstad. This is high growth region while initial purchase yields are attractive.
  • History of generting profit – Assetbase have a proven history of exiting investments at a significant profit. Individual examples can be seen in the ‘Recently Sold’ page in the ‘Sweden’ menu.