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Why Assetbase?

Sweden Image Why Assetbase

  • Impeccable track record – Assetbase have an impeccable track record of providing strong investor returns on managed investments. One of its core investment tenets is that the property must be able to cover both interest and capital repayments from the net rental income produced by the asset. It is this ability to cover the cost of finance that provides a return on investment for the company’s clients.


  • Strong markets – Assetbase involves itself in markets where it predicts inflationary growth, giving both rental and capital appreciation, which will in turn lead to increased returns.


  • Due diligence – The Assetbase team has significant experience in the acquisition of property portfolios. All transactions are exercised with a keen eye on risks such as tenant default, oversupply, currency fluctuation, inflation and the potential for a rise in the cost of finance. We know the importance of being tax efficient, both at acquisition and disposal.


  • Hands on Management – Assetbase carefully prepares an individual plan for each asset taken under management. We set both short term objectives and long range targets for each asset, providing clients with detailed ongoing reports to enable measurement and evaluation of performance right through the ownership cycle.


  • Experience – Assetbase avoid markets that are overheating and invest in those showing value and strong returns. Having read the markets correctly since 2003, there are currently no under performing loans under management. We have been involved in the acquisition of over 230,000 m2 of property. Over the years, we have managed approx. 500 residential units, 100,000 m2 of commercial space, along with a number of development opportunities.


  • Returns – On their managed portfolio’s, Assetbase have an ongoing stated aim to provide a return on equity employed of in excess of 12.5% per annum.